Anthony Vanderlinden Bibliography

Anthony Vanderlinden is the owner of Wet Dog Publications.  Vanderlinden has worked decades working in historical fields as an author as well as a publisher.  His experience has led him to consult with companies and museums on historical matters as well as on conservation techniques and the set-up and maintenance of museum collections.  His work as a commercial photographer is visible on the Vintage Nikon site (info below): 

Authored books:

2016 FN Mauser Rifles, Arming Belgium and the World

2013 FN Browning Pistols, Sidearms that Shaped World History - expanded edition

2010 Browning Auto-5 Shotguns: revised edition - co-authored with H.M. Shirley

2009 FN Browning Pistols, Sidearms that Shaped World History

2005 Holsters and Shoulder-stocks of the World

2003 Browning Auto-5 Shotguns, the Belgian FN Production - co-authored with H.M. Shirley

2001 The Belgian Browning Pistols, 1889-1949

Published books:

2021 VIS Radom, Revised Color Edition, by William York

2019 The FN-49, The Last Elegant Old-World Military Rifle - second ed. - by Wayne Johnson

2011 Allied Rifle Contracts by Luke Mercaldo, Adam Firestone, Anthony Vanderlinden

2011 VIS Radom by William York

2004 The FN-49, The Last Elegant Old-World Military Rifle by Wayne Johnson

Authored magazine articles (since 2011):

2020, pending.: Les Armes FN pendent la Guerre

                              Les Mitrailleuses Browning et FN Browning

                              Le Pistolet FN Browning GP Canadien Inglis

                   -  MEMOIRES DE LA FN, No.12 - articles written for FN's historical magazine 

                  and translated to French by Mr. Pascal Pruvost.

2020, Oct: 1899, The Year of the Browning - NRA American Rifleman

2019, Oct.: Les differences entre les modeles 1899 et 1900 du pistolet FN Browning                                                 -  MEMOIRES DE LA FN, No. 10 - article written for FN's historical magazine 

                  and translated to French by Mr. Claude Gaier.

2018, Dec.: Pistolets Browning 1899 & 1900 -  Le MUSEE d'ARMES - article written for the Liege                        Firearms Museum magazine and translated to French by Mr. Claude Gaier.

2018, November: FN Mausers and the Fight for Israel - NRA American Rifleman

2018, April: Colts in the Cockpit - co-authored with Luke Mercaldo - NRA American Rifleman

2016, August: An inside look at the FNS Compact - NRA American Rifleman

2015, September: 80 Years of the Belgian High Power - NRA American Rifleman

2015, Feb: The Belgian Model 1889 Mauser, the Rifle that Saved Paris - NRA American Rifleman

2014, September: The FN Browning 1910 and the Great War - NRA American Rifleman

2013, Oct: Filling a Niche, FN's early Side-by-Sides - NRA American Rifleman

2011, July: The FN Browning 1903 - NRA American Rifleman

Authored web articles:

2018, November 11: The Devil of Antwerp - Jan Olieslagers, father of aerial combat - NRA AR 

2018, Feb: Redeployed - FN M1 Garands and Carbines - NRA American Rifleman

2017, April: Deer Rifles - How G.I.s Helped Revive Fabrique Nationale - NRA American Rifleman

2017, Feb: Sorting out the Little Brownings - NRA American Rifleman

2016, May: John Moses Browning, the Man behind the Photographs - NRA American Rifleman

2016, Feb: Five Lesser Known Facts about the FN FAL - NRA American Rifleman

2015, Dec: Five little known facts about the FN Browning High Power - NRA American Rifleman

Commercial Photography: 

The vast amount of photography articles, image samples, and portfolio has been collected on the separate Vintage Nikon website - See this site for photography information