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Finnish Mosin - Nagant
Three Line Rifle to Ukko Pekka

Note and update for 12/4/2023: The books are completed and we are starting quality control on 12/4.  Orders will start shipping on 12/14. Most domestic orders are anticipated to ship before Christmas 2023.  We realize that many expect to receive their order by Christmas, but we kindly ask to be patient. We are understaffed like most companies. International orders will ship after Christmas. Shipping updates will be posted here. We still have a few signed art prints. The pre-publication sale will end once we sell out or once shipping starts.

Thank you!

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We are pleased to announce the pre-publication sale of the new book Finnish Mosin-Nagant Rifles, Three-Line Rifle to Ukko Pekka.  This book has been in the works for almost five years and encompasses the most complete and detailed work on Finnish small arms in the English language.  Not only does it cover the Finnish Mosin-Nagant models and minutiae, it also describes the historical context that influenced development, production, as well as issue and usage.  This approach would not have been comprehensive without including the myriad of small arms and accessories purchased and captured by Finland. 


Author, historian, and scholar Matt DiRisio has spent years collecting Finnish arms and accoutrements.  His research extends far beyond the basics of arms collecting: he immersed himself in Finnish culture, history, and learned the Finnish language in order to facilitate his work.


This book is the result of an extensive collaboration between some of the most knowledgeable Finnish collectors, contributors, museums, and archives worldwide.


The author’s extensive research answers many questions that have puzzled the U.S. collector community for decades.   Emphasis is placed on explaining and illustrating common misconceptions. 


We have worked diligently to make the book user friendly for both novice as well as advanced collectors.   This book will be hardbound with color cover, page count will exceed 500, all pages will be full color and include about 1,500 photographs!  This includes almost 500 period photographs of the Mosin-Nagant in use as well as other small arms.           


A few of the highlights include:


  •  The most comprehensive collection of information on Finnish sniper rifles ever assembled, featuring the m/27 PH, m/33, m/39 PH, m/39 SOV, m/39-44, and more!

  • Detailed descriptions and high quality color photographs of the rarest Mosin-Nagant variants such as the Finnish SAT m/91, Estonian Model 1935, and Polish Karabinek wz. 91/98/25

  • The revealing of the origin story and history of the Finnish m/91 B Barrels and their Belgian connection.

  • An examination of the heated rivalry between the Finnish Civil Guard’s m/28-30 rifle and the Finnish Army’s m/27, and how their fusion produced the m/39 rifle.

  •  In depth photographs and historical information on the Mosin-Nagant .22 caliber training rifles used by the army.

  • Gorgeous photographs and information on the plethora of pistols used by Finland during World War II such as the Lahti L-35, Mauser C96, ČZ vz. 38, Polish FB Radom Ng 30, and FN High Power

  • An exploration into the Finnish capture, modification, and use of captured SVT-40 semi-automatic rifles.

  • Serial data and collecting information on every major Finnish Mosin-Nagant variant.

  • An exploration of the origins of the Mosin-Nagant rifle, its history, and its major users around the world over the last century.

  • The most in-depth look at Finnish Mosin-Nagant accessories and bayonets ever compiled.

  • High quality historical photographs from a variety of sources and Mosin-Nagant rifles from the finest collections.

  • The little-known story of the Finnish Mausers in 7.62x54mmR such as the m/30 and m/34

Chapter information and sample pages are provided below. These will be expanded as we near the publication date.  We anticipate the book to be available in December 2023, with the goal to ship books before Christmas 2023.


Prepublication special! 

Customers who order early will receive an autographed book with an original limited edition art print numbered and signed by the author.  During the book's research the author and his father uncovered the original Bannerman print plate depicting the Mosin-Nagant and other World War I rifles.  The author's father, James, acquired the print plate and a limited series of 500 art prints are printed for the book's release.  These are printed on their own 1925 Poco "O" proof press and 1863 Gordon Jobber press!  These presses and the traditional printing business have been in the DiRisio family for generations and are now used to create this hand printed artwork (no digital means, each print is done by hand with ink, print plate, and pressure as it was done with each Bannerman catalog).  Numbered prints will be shipped in the sequence of the orders received, the first order will receive No.1, the second order will receive No.2, etc.  Requests for special numbers are welcome but will only be honored if the number is available!

Finnish Mosin Nagant Book 12.jpg

Title: Finnish Mosin - Nagant, Three Line Rifle to Ukko Pekka
Author: Matt DiRisio
Pages: 584
Cover: Color hardbound cover
Size: 9.25" x 12.25" 
Photographs & Illustrations: 1510 color and black & white
Printed and bound in the USA!
Price: List $99.95, our current price $89.95
ISBN: 978-0-9981397-4-6
Limited distribution


Autographed by Author

$ 89.95


1 The Men Behind the Mosin-Nagant

2 The Mosin-Nagant: Origins and Early Service

3 Around the World with the Mosin-Nagant

4 Finland’s Struggle for Survival: 1918 to 1945

5 Domestic Expansion & International Acquisitions

6 The Early Finnish m/91 Rifles : SAT, P-Series, Tikkakoski

7 The m/91-24 - The Lotta Rifle

8 Pystykorva - The m/27 Infantry Rifle

9 Suojeluskuntain Pystykorva – The m/28 Civil Guard Rifle

10 World Champion – The m/28-30

11 Cavalry Rifles - The m/91rv & m/27rv

12 Emergency wartime Production of the m/91

13 The m/39 - “Ukko-Pekka”

14 White Death: Prewar and Wartime Finnish Sniper Rifles

15 The m/91-30 in Finnish Service: Captured and Copied

16 War Booty, White Elephants, and Imported Weaponry

17 Finnish Mosin-Nagant .22 Caliber Training Rifles

18 Marksmanship Rifles and Postwar Sniper Rifles

19 Finnish Bayonets - Unwanted and Unneeded

20 Accessories – Cleaning Kits, Cartridge Pouches, and More

A: Civil Guard Districts

B: Finnish Unit Identification Discs Abbreviations

C: The 1959 InterArms Contract

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