FN Browning Pistols
Side Arms that Shaped World History

- Expanded Third Edition, 2-Volume Set

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Update 4/30/2022:  We are on track to go to print-production in the summer of 2022 with shipments commencing late summer. This will be our very first 2-volume set, with a page count exceeding 850 pages. The pre-publication sale will start in May, on or before the 15th. More updates will be forthcoming soon on our Instagram page as well as our website.  Thank you for your patience!
                                                                                                                                              Anthony Vanderlinden

FN Browning Pistols, Side-Arms that Shaped World History is the quintessential reference book on FN Browning pistols and  reflects the continued work of Anthony Vanderlinden on the topic.  


We started work on the third edition of FN Browning Pistols late in January 2020.  This will be the fourth book on FN Browning Pistols, an evolution of research that started in 1996 (Belgian Browning Pistols released 2001 + FN Browning Pistols in 2009 and 2013).

This third edition will be significantly different with major expansions in almost every chapter.  It will be color throughout with most chapters being reorganized to make the entire book more user friendly. 

Through the years I fielded many questions and kept notes on what needed clarification and expansion.  We are now working at integrating and updating these issues. 

We have completed several chapters and have been astonished how much new information was collected since the last edition.  The third edition will contain the following:

1-        Expanded biographies of key individuals
2-        New information on John Browning and FN
3-        Expanded information on FN's dealer network and agents, including biographies on those agents
4-        Expanded and detailed coverage of grip variants and magazine variants as well as manufacturing details.
5-        Expanded information on pistol models, variants, and contracts.
6-        Expanded information on FN during World War II: the occupation and resistance activities
7-        A large and new accessories chapter on holsters, presentation cases, shoulder-stocks, etc.
8-        Several identification guides to help collectors identify counterfeits
9-        Counterfeit warnings throughout the book: alerting collectors what has been reproduced, so they can be              better informed.
10-       ... and much more

We anticipate more than doubling the page count, this book will reach 800+ pages.  

Collectors should be aware that older editions will be outdated and that these older editions do not merit the high asking prices on the used book market.  These books will be obsolete, our goal is not to produce nice first editions, but rather to grow and expand the knowledge on FN and their products.

We are not yet accepting pre-orders, but you can email us and we can put you on our early notification list with pre-publication discount offer.

Thank you for your interest!
Anthony Vanderlinden