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FN Browning Pistols
Side Arms that Shaped World History

- Expanded Third Edition, 2-Volume Set

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Note: New retail orders ship daily. This 2-volume set usually ships Priority Mail, double or triple boxed, due to its size and weight.  Customers who buy from us directly get an autographed copy and dedicated High Power bookmark for the first edition, the second edition also gets a separate bookmark. Note that it is customary for an author to sign the first volume only and not all volumes in a set  

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FN Browning Pistols, Side-Arms that Shaped World History is the quintessential reference book on FN Browning pistols and  reflects the continued work of Anthony Vanderlinden on the topic.  

Work started on the third edition of FN Browning Pistols in January 2020 and has taken 2.5 years to complete.  This is the fourth book on FN Browning Pistols, an evolution of research that started in 1996 (Belgian Browning Pistols released 2001 + FN Browning Pistols in 2009 and 2013).

This third edition is significantly different with major expansions in almost every chapter.  The entire book utilizes color in order to make it more user friendly.  This third edition has 840 pages in 2-volumes, compared to 368 pages in the second edition. Not only did the page count more than double, this edition has 2,790 color and period black and white photos.  Many historic photos have never been published in an English language book.

The third edition contains the following major expansions:

-        Expanded biographies of key individuals
-        New information on John Browning and FN
-        Expanded information on FN's dealer network and agents, including biographies on those agents
-        Expanded and detailed coverage of grip variants as well as manufacturing and marking details.
-        Expanded information on pistol models, variants, and contracts.
-        Expanded information on FN during World War II: the occupation and resistance activities
-        More than 120 pages are dedicated to accessories.  For the first time ever in print, reference guides will                 help collectors identify magazine production time frames, help identify and date presentation cases, and             identify shoulder-stocks. The holster section has vastly been expanded to include many rare holsters.
-        Counterfeit warnings throughout the book: alerting collectors what has been reproduced, so they can be             better informed.
-       ... and much more
Collectors should be aware that older editions are now totally outdated and that those editions are obsolete. We opted to eliminate the small Browning Arms Company chapter as the subject merits more accuracy than what we had in the second edition.  
Please see the sample pages below.  Sample pages only reflect one or two spreads per  chapter.  

Title: FN Browning Pistols, Sidearms that Shaped World History -
Expanded 3rd Edition, 2-volume set
Author: Anthony Vanderlinden
Pages: 840 all color
Cover: Color laminated hardbound cover
Size: 9.25" x 12.25" 
Photographs & Illustrations: 2,790 color and black & white
Printed and bound in the USA!
Price: List $169.95, our current price $149.95
ISBN: 978-0-9981397-3-9
Limited distribution


Autographed by Author

$ 149.95

FN Browning Pistols 3rd third edition Anthony Vanderlinden
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