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The FN-49
The Last Elegant Old-World Military Rifle

Expanded Second Edition
FN-49 Last Elegant Military Rifle book c

Title: The FN-49, The Last Elegant Old World Military Rifle -
Expanded Second Edition
Author: Wayne Johnson 
Pages: 460 all color
Cover: Color laminated hardbound cover
Size: 8.75" x 11.25" (22 x28 cm.)
Photographs & Illustrations: 1,100 color and black & white
Printed and bound in the USA!
Price: $73.95
ISBN: 978-0-9981397-1-5
Production run: Limited to 2200 copies
Wholesale pricing available, CLICK for dealer information

Update December 1, 2022:

We are deeply saddened by the news of the unexpected passing of our long-time friend and author Wayne Johnson.  For 20 years now, Wayne's work enriched the collector community with his in-depth knowledge of the FN-49.  He was a tremendous asset to the collector community and his legacy lives on in the two editions he authored.  We miss him dearly. 


Please note that we no longer have autographed copies.    

                                                                                                                                              Anthony Vanderlinden

This revised and expanded second edition of The FN-49: The Last Elegant Old-World Military Rifle is the result of author Wayne Johnson’s continued and exhaustive study of the FN Model 1949 rifle. All chapters in the book have been updated and in some cases significantly expanded to reflect the results of Johnson’s additional research and data gathering over the last fifteen years since the release of the first edition. One new chapter and three new appendixes have been added, page count has increased from 200 to over 400, illustrations have increased from around 300 to over 1,000, and the book is now produced in an exciting new color format.


New FN-49 production data as well as many official period photos, provided by sources at FN, enhanced a number of chapters. Over fifty new period images of the FN-49 in action, most never-before published, have been added. The chapter covering the early self-loading rifles that preceded the FN-49 has nearly tripled in length and includes more than 70 images. A new addition is coverage of the various patents that were issued for these early FN self-loading rifles. The Special Rifles chapter has new photographs of unique FN-49s including a prototype sniper rifle, a cut-away, and an infrared night sight-equipped rifle.


The Sniper Rifle chapter has been considerably improved, now having more than 75 photographs and additional text, including coverage of the Luxembourg contract OIP scopes, long thought lost. Also included is a fascinating personal account of a sharpshooter that served in the Belgian Congo, documented by noted FN authority Anthony Vanderlinden. Also improved is the chapter on Chamberings, Ammunition, and Cartridge Clips that has new information, more photos, and a sidebar covering the test firing of some original-issue 1949 ammunition.


The chapter considered by some collectors to be the centerpiece of the book, the Parts Breakdown chapter, now has many more illustrative photographs along with expanded text describing every component part of the rifle. A new chapter has been added to cover the major contributing manufacturers: Herkner, Meopta, Mecar, and OIP; these companies were instrumental in adapting the FN-49 for the specialized roles of sniping and launching rifle grenades.


Another interesting addition is a detailed account of the importation of the Luxembourg contract rifles, including coverage of the agreement between the importer and the U.S. government regarding the modifications made to the selective-fire fire rifles to make them eligible for sale in the U.S. The Accessories chapter has been expanded to cover more of the attachments, tools, accessories, and technical information that were developed to support the use and maintenance of the rifle. Several new bayonet variations have been identified and are described. The Argentine chapter now includes an account of FN-49s serving in the Falklands war. And more.


This expanded second edition represents a major step forward in telling the story of this fascinating rifle and is a must-read for all FN-49 owners and collectors, FN enthusiasts in general, and for all people with an interest in learning more about the development, production, and military service of one of the last of the old-world, elegant, military rifles.

Content of the 2019 Expanded Second Edition

Chapter 1              Overview of FN – 1889 to 1949

Chapter 2              Dieudonné Saive

Chapter 3              The Early Self-Loading Rifles – 1907 to 1948

Chapter 4              The Model 1949 Self-Loading Rifle

Chapter 5              Proofs and Markings

Chapter 6              Production Summary and Order List

Chapter 7              The Argentine Contract

Chapter 8              The Belgian Contract

Chapter 9              The Belgian Congo Contract

Chapter 10            The Brazilian Contract

Chapter 11            The Colombian Contract

Chapter 12            The Egyptian Contract

Chapter 13            The Indonesian Contract

Chapter 14            The Luxembourg Contract

Chapter 15            The Luxembourg Gendarmerie Contract

Chapter 16            The Venezuelan Contract

Chapter 17            Sniper Rifles

Chapter 18            Test, Presentation, and Other Special Rifles

Chapter 19            Bayonets

Chapter 20            Accessories and Manuals

Chapter 21            Supporting Manufacturers

Chapter 22            Chamberings, Ammunition, and Cartridge Clips

Chapter 23            Parts Breakdown

Chapter 24            Description of Operation, Design Safeguards, and Gas Adjustment

Chapter 25            Disassembly/Assembly Instructions

Appendix A          Self-Loading Rifle Patents

Appendix B          Contract Requirement Extracts

Appendix C          The Luxembourg Import Packing Lists

Appendix D          Abbreviations, Acronyms, Initialisms, and Terms



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