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The Winchester Model 1895
Last of the Classic Lever Actions

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Winchester Model 1895 last lever action

Title: Winchester Model 1895
Subtitle: Last of the Classic Lever Actions
Author: Rob Kassab & Brad Dunbar 
Pages: 432
Cover: Hardbound with genuine leather cover
Size: 8.75" x 11.25" (22 x28 cm.)
Photographs: 1000+
Printed and bound in the USA
ISBN: 978-0-578-46655-2  ( 9780578466552 )
Out-of-print, Limited Availability, last copies!
Price: Out of Print 
Wholesale pricing is not available on this title

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A few words on the book Winchester Model 1895 - Last of the Classic Lever Actions :

It is a fact that most authors lack the determination to cover every aspect of a subject matter, they usually underestimate the commitment that is required and do not want to invest the time or energy needed to delve into the real minutiae of research.

Anthony Vanderlinden with Wet Dog Publications got involved with the production of the Winchester Model 1895 book as a contributor, providing information and photographs on John M. Browning. As time went by, it became apparent that the authors, Rob Kassab and Brad Dunbar, were going about this project in the right way with the dedication to produce a detailed and in-depth work on the Winchester Model 1895. Co-author, Rob Kassab, worked 10 years on the project!

One of the many impressive aspects of the authors was their willingness to take advise and delegate the writing and editing of 
select chapters to contributors. The Winchester Model 1895 book has the collaboration of many known authors such as Bruce Canfield, Philip Schreier, Luke Mercaldo, Michael Carrick, and others.

The color presentation of the book is impressive and features a period look that can be associated with the era of the Model 
1895. The genuine leather cover is yet another detail that enriches that period feeling. The quality of the book is outstanding and is worthy of the fine Winchester Model 1895. In fact, I do not know of a finer Winchester book.

The role of Anthony Vanderlinden shifted from contributor to publishing advisor, which ultimately lead to discussions about 
distribution. We now have an agreement that Wet Dog Publications will be the sole international distributor of the book Winchester Model 1895 - Last of the Classic Lever Actions.

The content of the book is listed below as are some sample pages. 

Out-of-print!  Sold out!  Some copies may still be available from the GunsIntl website by clicking here

Content of Winchester Model 1895


Genesis of the Model 1895

Production and Factory Records

- Dates of Manufacture

Receiver, magazine and Action

- Receivers

- Takedown Receivers

- Magazines

- Action Components: Levers, Bolts and Hammers

Barrels, Bores and Proving

- Winchester Provisional and Definitive Proof

Stocks, Sling Provisions and Bayonets

Highly Finished Arms


Winchester Model 1895 Cartridges

- Loading Tools

- Cartridge Boxes

The Model 1895 Gallery

The U.S. Contracts

The Model 1895s of Theodore Roosevelt


The Model 1895 in Mexico

The Russian Contract

Historical Media - Photos,Ads, Art and Books

Pricing, Costs and the End of Production

A Tribute to George Madis

Serial Number Index



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