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Buy a Book, Save a Borzoi

2023: This program is currently suspended

Every book purchase you make, helps dogs in need

We discovered what a great organization the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation (NBRF) is when we adopted Finland aka Finn in 2018.  Finn was a starved and neglected puppy, the result of a ruthless breeder who abandoned the litter. Luckily for Finn and so many Borzoi, NBRF got word of the situation and rescued them.  We got involved with volunteering and gradually took over the production of the NBRF newsletter and printed materials pro bono.  We had experiences with other rescue groups but never did we encounter such a determination and well structured international organization which is 100% volunteer based (whereas 100% of the donations go to the rescue of the dogs).  


We are happy to announce that we have partnered with NBRF for a permanent fundraiser. A minimum of $1 per book of each purchase will be donated to the organization.  This is an NBRF approved and sanctioned fundraiser.   Additionally we will match up to $3.00 per book for each donation received on our website.


The Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) breed is in decline and NBRF is the only dedicated national rescue organization.  Further NBRF and their partners operate and rescue Borzoi worldwide, some of the dogs are rescued from truly gruesome places like Chinese and South Korean meat markets.  Sight-hounds, like Greyhounds and Borzoi, are often used in gambling in Asia and are sometimes part of sadistic games and torture, details too graphic for our website.   Other dogs are abandoned or neglected working dogs from remote places in Russia, like Siberia and Kamchatka. 

We adopted Altai in 2020, he was an abandoned working hound from Siberia and was found living outdoors in -40 degree weather in the city of Barnaul.  NBRF and partners arranged for him to travel the Trans-Siberian railroad to Moscow before flying over to Dulles airport where we welcomed him and started his rehabilitation.


The NBRF website is filled with success stories like our Finland and Altai.  This little fundraiser is one of the ways we give back with your assistance.

Note:  This fundraiser is only for books purchased from us directly through this website, phone, or mail.  It does not apply to books purchased from third-party, mass market, websites!


Year 2020, our NBRF donations total: $840

Year 2021, our NBRF donations total: $TBA

Year 2022, our NBRF donations total: $TBA

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