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Colt's Python
King of the Seven Serpents

Colt Python book by Guney Brown

Title: Colt's Python, King of the Seven Serpents 
Author: Gurney Brown

Publisher: other - not published by us.  
Pages: 304 quality coated paper
Cover: Hardbound cover with color dust jacket
Size: 11.25" x 8.75" (28 x22 cm.)
Photographs: 370+
Printed and bound in China
Price: 64.95
Wholesale pricing is not available

Colt's Python King of the Seven Serpents reflects  the continued work by author Gurney Brown on the famous Colt revolvers.  This specific volume deals exclusively with the famous Colt Python. Included are the following chapters:


1- Colt's Python 1955-2006 Overview

2- Colt's Python Royal Blue

3- Colt Python Bright Nickel

4- Colt Python Royal Coltguard 1983-2004

5- Colt Python Stainless Steel 1983-2004

6- Colt Python Bright Stainless Steel 1984-1996

7- Colt Python Factory Scoped Models 1981-1988

8- Colt Python Commemorative & Special Editions

9- Colt Python Engraved Models

10- Colt Python Prototypes & Experimental Models

11- Colt Python Grips, Boxes & Display Cases

12- Colt Python Factory Catalogs 1955-1998

13- Colt Python Factory Letters & Paper Items

14- Factory Price Lists

15- Model Numbers & Serial Numbers


The entire book is adorned with more than 370 quality photographs, most of these were photographed and retouched by us.  The quality of the photography and entire work is equal to the earlier Seven Serpents book. 
Below are some sample pages of the layout.  This is featured for illustrative purposes only.  The information / text has purposely been blurred.  The purpose of the sample pages is solely to show the quality of the work.


NOTE: This title is back ordered from the publisher until Mid-April 2019!  


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