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Holsters & Shoulder Stocks of the World

Title: Holsters and Shoulder stocks of the World
Author: Anthony Vanderlinden
Publisher: Wet Dog Publications
Pages: 202 pages, quality coated paper
Cover: Hardbound (color case bound)
Size: 8.5 x11" (21x28 cm.)
Photographs: 1000+ quality B&W photographs
Printed and bound in the USA!
ISBN: 0-9707997-3-X
Price: SOLD OUT (out of print)
No wholesale pricing available.

Holsters and Shoulder-Stocks of the World is a visual reference guide to help identify the many holsters and shoulder-stocks that were used through time and with various pistols. This work covers a period from the 1890s to the modern 1960s including World War I and World War II holsters. 


Pistols are listed by make and model. The user guide references the countries which used the holsters so that collectors can instantly refer to either a pistol model or country of use. A German WWII manufacturer's listing is also included for convenience.  Over 30 shoulder-stocks, and over 400 holsters and variants are illustrated, with more than 1,000 photographs to assist with identification.


Including: Astra, Beretta, Bergmann, Borchardt, Charola, Colt, CZ, Dreyse, Duo, Femaru, FN Browning, French military, Frommer, Inglis Browning, Kongsberg (Norway), Lahti, Luger, MAB, Mauser, P-38, Nambu, Radom, Sauer, Savage, Steyr, Tokarev, Unique, Walther, Webley, and more.  Photographs below show actual printed pages out of Holsters and Shoulder-Stocks of the World.


Sold out!

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