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Kongsberg Colten

The Norwegian Colt Model 1914

Title: Kongsberg Colten, The Norwegian Colt 1914
Author: Karl Hanevik
Publisher: Published in Norway -
Language: Norwegian
Pages: 415 pages
Cover: Hardbound color cover
Printed and bound in Norway
Size: 8.5x12" (21.5x30cm.)
Photographs: 975+ color and B/W photographs
Price: $149.95 due to the exchange and shipping rate. 
Wholesale prices not available on this title

Karl Hanevik's Kongsberg Colten is without doubt the definitive work on the subject of the Norwegian Colt 1912 / Norwegian Colt 1914 pistols.  So many aspects are covered that it is a challenge just to summarize them all.

This book does not just cover the Norwegian Model 1912 and Model 1914 but also shows the military adoption process with all the trial documents and some of the most unusual and rare domestically produced pistol designs. 

Fully illustrated with numerous color and black and white photographs, you do not have to be a linguist to appreciate this book!  It is easy to pick-up the significance of the words, facilitated even more with the most basic understandings of the German language or one of the many online translation sites.


The information is invaluable for anybody interested in the Norwegian Colt production! 

Some of the highlights of the Norwegian Colt book include:

  • Trials with various automatic pistols starting in 1904 including international designs from various manufacturers like Roth 1903, Mannlicher 1898, Mauser 1896, Mauser 1912 in 7.65 and 9mm calibers, FN Browning 1900, FN Browning 1903, Colt Model 1902, Dreyse 7.65 and 9mm pistols, Colt Model 1905, Shouboes Model 1907, Bergmann Bayard Model 1903, Steyr Model 1911, Webley, and rarely documented domestic pistol designs like the Fidjeland Models, the Hansens pistol, Krag and Sunngaard pistols.  All trial details are documented in detail.

  • The adoption of the Colt 1911 and first purchases including serial number listing of Colt contract pistols.

  • The Norwegian domestic production; the Model 1912, detailed views and specs on early production models.

  • The Norwegian Colt Model 1914, all details including variants in markings and style, inspection marks, bios on inspectors, details of the inspection process.

  • Delivery dates and destinations by serial number (batches) of the Norwegian Model 1914, includes the pistols for Marines, and the few rare commercial guns. 

  •   Occupation pistols: Die Norwegische Pistole Modell 1914 - P14 (n), includes all the wartime production variances and wartime production shortcuts

  • Wartime Norwegian 1914 pistols are classified by production year from 1941 through 1945 with each year highlighting production changes. 

  • Wartime shipping records of the Model 1914

  • Postwar production starting in 1945

  • Special pistols: Cut-away training pistols, pistols with unit markings, pistols with foreign proofs, nickel plated presentation pistols

  • Ammunition including all specifications of import and domestic production ammo including head stamps and ammo box label variants

  • Holsters and accessories: Magazines, differentiating between Colt and Norwegian production

  • Holsters and accessories: Magazines, variants used throughout time

  • Holsters and accessories: Spare parts and armorers kits

  • Holsters and accessories: Norwegian Colt .22 caliber conversion units, markings and details

  • Holsters: details on the many pre- and postwar variants with markings, including modified holsters, canvas variants, etc. 

  • Magazine pouches, single, double and triple pouches.

  • Modern Kongsberg Colt Model 1914 pistols from the 1980s

  • Historical backgrounds on the Colt Model 1900, 1902, 1905, 1907, 1909, 1910, Savage model 1907 in .45 ACP, Colt Model 1911

  • Appendix: Norwegian pistol development and manufacture until 1914 (all these pistols are fully illustrated and documented)

  • The rare automatic revolver by designer Landstad

  • The evolution of the Fidjeland designs with many of these unusual pistols fully illustrated

  • The designs of Hansen 

  • The many Krag pistol designs, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910, through 1912 with shoulder-stock accessory variant

  • The Krag modified FN Browning 1903 with triggerguard cocking mechanism!

  • The unusual Sunngaard double magazine pistols including the 50 round version and special Sunngaard cartridges

  • The detailed reports of the Trials year by year

  • Instruction books

  • Disposal of pistols by serial including destination and years 

Autographed by Author


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