Hurricane Dorian Relief for the Island of Ocracoke, NC

September 24, 2019:

Most of us on the east-coast were relieved when Hurricane Dorian did not make landfall as a CAT 5, less and less attention was spent in the national media once it was downgraded and moved seemingly away from the coast, but Dorian did make landfall in NC and caused major damage. 


Ocracoke Island (yes a funny name but a little piece of heaven on earth with lots of great history) got the brunt when the eye of the storm crossed the island.  The 6 to 8ft storm surge came in sudden and fast, like a mini tsunami, taking many by surprise.  Even if this is hurricane country and we are used to it, the surge came so quickly that many were stranded in attics.

The mini tsunami drowned 28 wild ponies on the Outerbanks. No word yet how those on Ocracoke managed as the storm surge came from behind their pastures (as I am told).  


We have been going to Ocracoke for 30 years and were due to return when the hurricane hit.  Some of you may have noticed the Ocracoke postmark as we frequently ship books from the island.  Through all those years we have made many acquaintances and friends on the island and it is particularly sad to know the hardship some are experiencing: some were airlifted to safety, others are now dealing with the aftermath… 


State response has been slow and FEMA has been MIA, with no disaster declaration as of this writing… The national media has given this disaster almost no attention.  It is almost as if they are systematically ignored except for Samaritan’s Purse, (as always) who were there with volunteers and aid almost immediately.


It took us days to get in touch with people and learn more about their hardship and immediate needs. 


So how bad is it?  According to reports, just about every house is damaged.  Many of the residents live in historic family homes, which are low to the ground, so they are the most affected.  Most of the locals do not have flood insurance as it is cost prohibitive, those (historic) homes are now not habitable. 


The school has so much damage that it will most likely remain closed for the rest of the school year.  All small businesses are damaged as those were low to the ground. 


Most of the cars on the island no longer work as almost all were flooded.  Highway 12, the only road connecting the Outerbanks is completely destroyed, it looks like an asphalt accordion now (see internet photo).   


People on Ocracoke make their living of fishing and tourism, both industries are now decimated.  Tourists and volunteers (without clearance), are not allowed on the island and there are growing concerns how people are going to manage with winter approaching.    


All the aid (so far) has come from individuals, like you and me.  We are now in touch daily with the volunteers of Ocracoke Disaster Relief on the island itself and are shipping them bins of what is urgently needed. This aid goes directly to the island’s fire department, which now serves as a supply depot.   Fed Ex and other carriers are delivering aid through the ferries.


It has always been my belief that people should not be ignored or dismissed in their time of need.  Everybody can afford to help, every contribution helps, no matter how small.  We are only a small family business and yet I think we make a (small) difference.


I am allocating a minimum of $2.00 of each book sale to this cause. We have also started taking donations to purchase and ship goods.  100% of all donations go to this cause, I am donating my time and money to make this happen.  This is the only way I know that the money goes directly to those in need and not to the administration of a mega non-profit.  As proof of this, I am posting photos below of bins, receipts, and shipping information (tracking numbers). Slide photos below for details.


If you prefer to donate money to an established foundation, only one non-profit has been recognized for helping on Ocracoke.  Please donate to The Outerbanks Community Foundation and please specify "OCRACOKE" at


If interested in helping or for more information you can contact me directly, just click on the contact page link and you will see my contact information.


Thank you for your time and support!

Anthony Vanderlinden

September 29, 2019:

Donations received: $100 +$100 + $100 + 110 + (undisclosed)

Special thanks to Mark Hannah, Jr., Michael Catalano, Rob Kassab, Yvo Vanderlinden, Wayne Johnson, and Mr. Manzour from Home Depot

Monies spent on supplies, shipping and donations: $100 + $50+ $224.95 + $58.76 + $45 +$23.50 +$37.36 + 23.54 +$42.14 + $165.92 + $49.97 + $45.58 +$84.99 + $49.97 + 

SHIPMENTS: (each bin contains 60 to 70 lbs of supplies)

9/24: Bin 1 - Commercial Air Mover, Mold/mildew killer, paper towels

9/30: Bin 2 - Quantities of mold / mildew killer, laundry detergent, utility knives, paper towels, generator oil, power drill

10/2: Drop-ship through Amazon - 2x Porter Cable Wet Dry Vacs

10/3: Bin 3 - Quantities of mildew killer, laundry detergent, utility knives, paper towels, generator oil, dust masks

Pending Bin 4 - Commercial 12/3 50ft extension cords, wet dry vacuum, 


crate 2
crate 2

receipt 3
receipt 3

receipt 1
receipt 1

crate 2
crate 2