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A Rare Glimpse at an FN Automobile in Wartime Footage

The National Geographic channel has been airing the two part documentary "After Hitler". I was very impressed by the quality of this international production. It does not show the usual recycled footage, it is a great glimpse on ravaged Europe and the immense challenges that faced millions. A great surprise was the rare footage of an FN 11cv automobile in motion. This model was made from 1929 through 1932. It was FN's first all sheet metal body and few were made. Prewar FN cars are rare, few survived the war in Belgium as most were taken eastwards by the Germans. Anything that drove in working order was pillaged when the Germans retreated.

The refugees' flags throughout the documentary and on the FN car really resonated with me as I have heard this so many times from survivors I interviewed through the years. The car is seen 27 minutes into episode I (link below)

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