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The Essence of our Work & our Authors

The essence of our work is to present the history of firearms as tools in the period made. Our books are highlighted with consideration of the social, economic, and political climate of the time. 

Our goal is to further the understanding of these relics in a historical context and not just focus on collector interests, we seek to balance history with practical information. 

Our authors are long-time scholars and historians with a keen analytical approach to research.  Original research often exposes popular misconceptions. Many unfounded beliefs have been copied in publications for decades and continue to be espoused on the internet.  Investigative journalist Graham Hancock said it best: “Changing a paradigm is no easy business when a particular mindset has become the preoccupation of a group of scholars in a particular field.  They are so reluctant to let go of it, they become existentially attached to it and an attack on the paradigm becomes an attack on them and they vigorously defend it.”

We categorically reject all forms of revisionism.  Historical works should be written from a period perspective and should not be a comparison or condemnation based on modern societal customs or practices.


Our authors’ focus on producing works of substance.  Their work is not intended to elevate their popularity.  We are not vanity publishers and reject authors seeking self-promotion or stardom.

Retail orders placed from us directly will include autographed books when possible, these books are offered as an author’s courtesy without surcharge.


Our Authors (in alphabetical order, click on the name for a complete biography):


Matt DiRisio


Wayne Johnson

Luke Mercaldo


H.M. Shirley, Jr.


Anthony Vanderlinden


William York  

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