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Matt DiRisio Bibliography

Historian and author Matt DiRisio has spent more than 15 years learning Finnish, collecting the rarest variations of the Mosin-Nagant rifle, and researching the history of Finland. He is a Command and General Staff College graduate and holds three history and defense-related master’s degrees, focusing his research on military innovation and Russo-Finnish relations. He previously served as an Assistant Professor at the United States Military Academy at West Point and completed two combat deployments to Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan). His Finnish fluency, collecting expertise, and sizeable social media presence have allowed him to make connections with leading collectors, historians, and museums around the world. His interminable exploration of the Mosin-Nagant rifle and its many variants has led to incredible new archival finds and access to some of the most renowned collections in the world, as well providing invaluable information towards the most comprehensive book ever written in English on the Finnish Mosin-Nagant.

Authored books:

The Finnish Mosin-Nagant: Three-Line Rifle to Ukko Pekka

  • Wet Dog Publications: 2023

Lessons Learned, Battlefield Deception: From Alexander the Great to Norman Schwarzkopf

  • Co-author Spencer Beatty

  • Mentor Enterprises, Inc: 2018


Authored magazine articles:

Next Generation Squad Weapon: Lethality & Reliability are Paramount

  • Real Clear Defense (online): 22 March 2022

Game Of Dimes: Power And Strategy In A West Point Classroom

  • Co-author Matt Sacra

  • The Modern War Institute at West Point (online):16 April 2020



National Rifle Association Headquarters, Fairfax, Virginia: Sponsored by The Virginia Gun Collectors Association, 2018.

Contributing Subject Matter Expert: 

Blue Book of Gun Values: Blue Book Publications Inc., 2020, 2021,2022, 2023

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