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conservation products & services

1-Restoration service for horn grips & butt plates

This service is by far the most affordable way to increase the condition of your gun while preserving grips and butt plates. 


Many manufacturers used natural animal horn to create grips and butt plates.  Animal horn was pressed in molds, followed by dyeing and treating these to create a uniform black appearance. 

As horn ages, it dries out and exposure to light often make it revert to its natural brown color.  Dried horn cracks, deteriorates and discolors.      


We obtained the formula and methodology that FN used at the turn of the century to dye and treat grips.  We are now treating horn the same way it was done a century ago.  No modern chemicals, no modern dyes or paints are used.   


The process takes about a week, efforts are made so that the horn does not look too new. The horn is treated to match the condition of the gun...   The process is affordable at only $20 for a set of grips or one butt plate.  Return postage within the USA is $7.50.   Please contact us to discuss your project.    

Click on the large image for a detailed view

FN 1905 plate
Langenhan horn grips
A5 plate 3
before after S4
before after S2
before after S3

2-Restoration service for cardboard gun boxes

Boxed guns are often considered the most valuable.  Yet many boxes show signs of wear and age. Repairing boxes is a challenge for many as they add tape or tabs to secure the corners.  We have a different approach and do not add any new materials like corner tabs, unless it is absolutely necessary.  Our adjustable jigs allow us to recreate the original form of the box before using natural animal glue.


Animal glues are extremely touch and have been around for centuries, these are the same glues used when the boxes were originally made and have been around longer than cardboard (Stradivarius used them too!).


These glues dry to a light yellow color and are almost invisible.  Because we only use period correct materials, restored boxes also have that period correct look.  Depending on the extend of the damage, some boxes do not reveal that they were restored, more severe cases will look like a repair was done decades ago. While some repairs can not be hidden, they do extend the condition and value significantly.


We work on ammo boxes, pistol boxes, rifle and shotgun boxes and other period boxes. Restoring these is also affordable: ammo boxes start at $20.00, pistol boxes start at $40.00.  Please contact us to discuss your project.  

Click on the large image for a detailed view

before after S8
before after S7
before after S6
before after S5
before after S9

3-Custom Display Cases & Presentations

For the discerning collector or museum: We specialize in custom display cases, mounts and presentations. 


We contract and work with master carpenters and machinists to create solutions for custom displays. 

We also restore antique wooden display cases to function in specific settings: work can include refinishing, installing fabric liners, installing UV conservation glass and more.    

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4-Restorating a 1920s fn bicycle 

While this is not a commercial project, we are documenting a complete restoration, please click here for the restoration page.

5-See restoration tips and news on instagram 

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