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Wet Dog Publications only publishes quality well-researched works. All our books are printed and bound in the USA, we do not out-source production to China.  We sell retail directly to you, retail customers automatically receive autographed copies (when available) and limited edition bookmarks.  Wholesale customers please contact us for terms and pricing.  

FN-49 Last Elegant Military Rifle book c
The FN-49,
The Last Elegant Old-World Military Rifle
Expanded Second Edition

​The much expanded, second edition of FN-49 Last Elegant Old-World Military Rifle is now available and shipping daily. Click below for more information. 

book, FN Mauser rifles, arming belgium and world
FN Mauser Rifles
Arming Belgium and the World

ISBN: 978-0-9981397-0-8

FN Mauser Rifles, Arming Belgium and the World is the only refernece book solely dedicated to FN and Belgian Mausers including the FN Model 1889, 1893, 1922, 1924, and 1930 variants.  The book further delves into details on the Belgian arsenal Mausers like the Belgian Model 89/36 and Model 1935. 

Click below for more Info...

FN Browning Pistols W3.jpg
2022 3rd Edition (2-vol. set):
FN Browning Pistols
Sidearms that shaped World History

FN Browning Pistols, Side-Arms that Shaped World History reflects the continued work of Anthony Vanderlinden on the topic of FN Browning Pistols.   This new book includes information found in the original editions and expands into more variants and details geared toward collector interests.   It includes detailed chapters on FN Browning Models 1899, 1900, 1903, 1905 (06) Vest-Pocket, 1910, 1922, Baby, 1935 High Power, 110, 115, 120, 125, 135 and 140, as well as the Husqvarna Model 1907 and the Belgian military Colt 1903 contract.  Factory and contract accessories like holsters, period manuals, boxes, presentation cases are shown in more than 2,700 photographs.

Vis Radom book cover 2.jpg
2021 Color Edition: VIS Radom
A Study and Photographic Album of Poland's Finest Pistol

Vis Radom is the first comprehensive collector's book aimed at detailing all variants of the VIS pistol. William York's analytical approach investigates the origins of the pistol and reveals some new conclusions about what influenced the pistol's designers.  


Parts and assemblies are discussed and illustrated in detail.  Aside from the practical sections, like takedown of the pistol, shooting and collecting the VIS, the author has delved into the history of the pistol and its production.

Finnish Mosin Nagant Book Cover.jpg
Finnish Mosin - Nagant
Three Line Rifle to Ukko Pekka

The new Finnish Mosin Nagant book is now available for immediate shipment.  

book allied rifle contracts in america
Allied Rifle Contracts in America
Mosin-Nagant, Mauser, Enfield, Berthier, Remington, Savage, Winchester

ISBN 0-9707997-7-2

Allied Rifle Contracts in America is the first work to fully explore American production of foreign military rifles for the Allies during the First World War.  Featured are the histories of the Mosin-Nagant and Winchester Model 1895, which were produced for Imperial Russia, the Model 1889 Mauser, made for Belgium and the Pattern 1914 which was built for the United Kingdom.  


Additionally the book provides rare insight into lesser-known contracts for Berthier and Rolling Block with France, and the Savage Model 1899 with Canada... Written by Luke Mercaldo with co-authors Adam Firestone and Anthony Vanderlinden

Kongsberg Colten
The Norwegian Colt Model 1914

We have imported a small quantity of this great Norwegian-language book. Karl Hanevik goes into every detail of the Norwegian Colt aka the Norwegian Model 1914, from the pistols imported from Colt to the domestic production made in Norway by Kongsberg, no aspects of its use in Norway have been spared, this book has detailed chapters on all accessories like holsters, ammunition, .22 caliber conversion kits, etc.

Book Browning Auto 5 shotguns, wet dog publications
Browning Auto-5 Shotguns,
The Belgian FN production

ISBN 0-9707997-6-4

Browning Auto-5 Shotguns is the only book ever to cover the history, model variations (incl. Sweet 16, Light 12, Light 20, Magnum, Buck Special, ...)  accessories and production dates of the legendary Fabrique Nationale produced Browning Auto-5 (A-5, A5) shotgun.


This publication is to date the only reference book on the Browning Auto-5 ( A-5, A5 )  shotgun prepared entirely with the extensive cooperation and support of Browning and FN Herstal. Written by H.M. Shirley, Jr. and Anthony Vanderlinden

The Armament of the Dutch Police 1945-2005

This highly detailed book on the Dutch police armament is now in stock.  It is geared towards advanced collectors who seek out more in-depth information.  The book covers all arms, equipment, as well as ammunition used by Dutch law enforcement.  The book took more than five years of exhaustive research. Click more info below to continue. 

Figments Ocracoke Chester Lynn S1.jpg
Figments of Ocracoke
Chester Lynn, an O'Cocker Says a Word

This charming booklet covers several interesting topics on the topic of figs and Ocracoke Island. Local historian and author Chester Lynn writes about the history of Ocracoke and the fig trees, recalling some of his childhood memories. Chester as an O'Cocker (native of Ocracoke) traces the heritage of his family on the island for more than 40 generations.  He is one of few remaining islanders that speak the Ocracoke Brogue. His stories can be heard in the book through a QR reader. This booklet is of interest to horticulturists, history enthusiasts, as well as students of linguistics...

Winchester Model 1895 last lever actions
Out of print: Winchester Model 1895,
Last of the Classic Lever Actions

ISBN 978-0-578-46655-2

Winchester Model 1895 Last of the Classic Lever Actions is the definitive work on the iconic Model 1895. The authors, Rob Kassab and Brad Dunbar, present an in-depth analysis of the model variants and production changes over time. The Model's use, history, and contracts are covered in extensive chapters, all illustrated with numerous period photographs. Contributing authors further delve into details with specialized chapters. This book is not only geared towards collectors but also history buffs alike.   



Out of print: Ars Mechanica
The Ultimate FN Book

More than five years have passed since this book project, a history of Fabrique Nationale (FN), begun. Many assumed that Ars Mechanica, The Utimate FN Book was to be an update to Auguste Francotte and Claude Gaier’s work,  FN 100 Years… However, any resemblance to previous FN history books is at best superficial.  Ars Mechanica is by far the most detailed and comprehensive work on the subject.

book holsters shoulder stocks of the world
Out of print: Holsters & Shoulder-Stocks of the World

ISBN 0-9707997-3-X

Holsters and Shoulder-Stocks of the World is a visual reference guide to help identify the many holsters and shoulder-stocks that were used through time and with various pistols.


This work covers a period from the 1890s to the modern 1960s.


Pistols are listed by make and model. The user guide references the countries which used the holsters and shoulder stocks so that collectors can instantly refer to either a pistol model or country of use. Over 30 shoulder-stocks, and over 400 holsters and variants are illustrated, with more than 1,000 photographs to assist with identification.

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