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Contributor's Photography Guide

Thank you for contributing to our book project.  You will be asked to provide specific images, here below is a guide to help you produce the look that is consistent with the rest of the book.  This guide provides various views and angles, you will not be asked to provide all, just a select few. Please remember not to email images but rather use the free service WeTransfer (simple instructions below). 

BACKGROUND: Please use a white background, if your images turn out too dark, please use a light gray background as an alternate

COMPOSITION: Please refrain from creating artistic compositions as we will not use them. We need more clean technical shots as illustrated below. 

RESOLUTION: Please use the highest possible resolution on your camera.

TRANSFER: Do NOT email your images, instead go to (click HERE). Select the free transfer option, upload your images, enter our address and your address and send. Very easy!  (Please do not use DROPBOX as we have not found it to be secure. 

#1 Standard Left and Right View of Pistol

A left and right side view of the pistol straight on. Be certain that the bluing is not reflecting your lens!  For the detailed oriented person, you may notice that a slight angle is showing from underneath (see the magazine). You can actually see the baseplate of the magazine. That is done on purpose to add dimension to the pistol. This is not necessary but helpful depending on your skill level.  

#2 Grip-strap markings and markings in odd places

Please photograph these at an accentuated angle in order to clearly show the size and relation to other parts of the pistol. 

#3 Small and factory markings including serial numbers

Please photograph these straight on without any angle. 

#4 Accessories: Magazine, cleaning rod, holster  

Please photograph these straight on without any angle. Add a back or side view if necesary. Holsters should have a front and back view plus markings.

#5 Accessories: Ammo and pistol boxes

Please photograph these at an angle so that the depth of the box is visible.  Please add a straight on shot of the cover if it has a label / writing / logo on it. 

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