Information for our customers outside of the USA

International shipping has become very expense.  We are not in the business to profit from shipping, in fact we lose on many transactions due to the many price structures set up by the post office.  Rates vary extensively from country to country.


The cost of shipping one book is often cost prohibitive for many buyers. The difference in price to ship more (two or three) books is almost insignificant as we can use flat-rate boxes.


For example:

Shipping one book to Europe: $59.95

Shipping two, three, or even four books: $75.95 (inquire first when ordering four books)

We recommend that collectors outside of the United States bundle their purchases with friends and other collectors.  If you are interested in multiple books, feel free to email us first and we can recommend the best option.

We now ship Canadian orders via Fed Ex Ground, it is faster, gentler on the books, and more cost effective. 


All our shipments are well protected and packaged to withstand rough transit conditions.  We package all books in plastic, just in case the box gets wet.   We package in such a way to protect the corners and entire content.

We do not collect foreign (import) taxes, and are not responsible for any import taxes and / or fees imposed by foreign governments.  This matter is between the buyer and their government. 


Thank you for your business.