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De Geschiedenis van de Bewapening van de Nederlandse Politie 1945-2005

The History of the Armament of the Dutch Police 1945-2005

Politiebeapening Geschiedenis Nederlandse politie

Title: Politiebewapening (De bewapening van de Nederlandse politie 1945-2005) 
Authors: V.M. Cozijn & M.J. Slootweg 
Published and printed in The Netherlands – Language: DUTCH

Pages: 592
Cover: Color laminated hardbound cover
Size: 9.4” x 11.6” (24x29,7cm)

Photographs: 1,860+ color and B&W photographs
Printed and bound in The Netherlands

Price: $ 124.95

ISBN: 978-90-825183-0-6
Production run: Limited to 700 copies!

Only few copies in stock.

Collector's note:  We are now carrying a small amount of books for sale in the U.S.  This work is truly geared towards advanced collectors, with an incredible amount of detail.  This book is in Dutch, but will be useful to any collector wanting to work with online translators to obtain the information, most which has never been in print before. Quantities are limited, as was the quality print run (only 700 copies), so please do not procrastinate.  The size and weight of the book itself has made it challenging to import. 

The book Politiebewapening (Police Armament) focuses on Dutch Law Enforcement agencies and their weapons as used from 1945 through 2005.  The various law enforcement agencies are described in historical context and their weapons and ammunition are fully illustrated and discussed.


The authors explored all the historical, financial, social, cultural, and legal situations that led to the adoption, modification, and disposition of weapons.


All firearms (pistols, revolvers, submachine guns, rifles, sniper rifles, and light machine guns) are discussed in detail with contract requirements, dates, serial number ranges, etc.   The various types of ammunition used by law enforcement are also included.   Non-lethal devices such as noise grenades, stun bags, tear gas, pepper spray, batons, and sabers are also covered.


The authors, Vincent Cozijn and Marck Slootweg, spent years studying and researching Dutch law enforcement weapons and their history in national, regional, and local (Dutch) archives, including the archives of various Dutch ministries. Through their persistent efforts they received generous assistance of Dutch law enforcement agencies.


The authors consulted and worked with relevant museums, and collectors: accessing both public and private collections in the Netherlands.


The text is supported by more than 1,560 color images and 300 period photographs that show the arms in their historical settings.

Included are the following:

Handguns: Sauer Model 30 pistol, the rare Sauer model made specifically for the mounted police, Sauer Model H pistol, Webley & Scott .380 revolver, FN 1906 pistol, FN Baby pistol, MAB Model A pistol, Beretta Model 418 pistol, Beretta Model 950 B pistol, FN Model 1910 (110/115) pistol, FN Model 1922 (120/125) pistol, Walther PP/PPK pistol, Walther P5 pistol, and Glock Model 17.

SMGs: Sten, H&K MP5

Long Arms:  Mannlicher M.95, K98k, FN Mauser carbine, M1 carbine

Precision / Sniper Rifles:  FN FAL, H&K HK33 SG/1 precision rifle, FN Sniper rifle, H&K PSG1, Mauser 93 SR precision rifle


MGs: MG34, Bren light machinegun, BAR automatic rifle


Shotguns: Mossberg Model 590 A1 shotgun


Non or less lethal:  Tear gas grenades and launcher, less lethal grenades and ammunition, H&K MZP A1 gun, pepper-spray, batons, police swords

Autographed by Authors

$ 124.95

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