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Wholesale Dealer Information

Update 1/1/2021:  Due to continued dealer abuses including discounting (below accepted terms) and forging authors' signatures, we have decided to temporarily suspend U.S. wholesale sales until further notice.  This only affects U.S. wholesale purchasing and not international dealers. 

My name is Anthony Vanderlinden and I am the owner of Wet Dog Publications.  My goal is to provide resellers with a great buying experience, that means providing excellent customer service and providing sales guidelines that are fair to you and all resellers.  The terms and guidelines provided below apply to all our resellers/dealers, those that we have worked with for 20 years as well as new dealers.  We do not give preferential treatment or prices to some select dealers!  Our price structure and terms are equal for all.

We do not just ship printer’s boxes filled with books without protection. All are books are well packaged with packing materials so to protect against abuse and damage, especially the book corners.  Books that get damaged are a hassle and a frustration, something we like to avoid.  Our price structure is set up to accommodate small and large volume dealers, our goal is to have a well-rounded distribution and have the books available to collectors worldwide.

Sadly I recently had to implement some pricing and monopoly requirements due to the abuses of some dealers. Details and explanations of these are listed below.  When ordering from us, we expect that you agree to these requirements.  These are set to protect you, our work, and to provide everybody equal sales opportunities.

Wholesale Prices:

The quantity discounts apply to the retail price of the books. Shipping is charged at cost (USPS Media Mail or Fed Ex Ground).  We do not ship UPS!  We do not charge for packaging. Special packaging for international customers may require a small fee for injection spray foam or other special requests.


5+ books (mix and match titles) –27% discount
10+ books (mix and match titles) –40% discount
10+ books (all the same title) –45% discount
15+ books (mix and match titles) –45% discount

Please inquire for exact quantity/discount rates: Required quantities may be lower than listed depending on how many books fit in a shipping box.


Only established customers that purchase at least three times a year and are in good standing with their account are eligible for “Net 30” terms


New and infrequent orders require pre-payment, either by check, money order, or credit card. We do not accept Paypal.


International dealers: Pre payment with a credit card is required. We do not accept Paypal

Pricing - Domestic USA Sellers only:

When purchasing from us you agree to the following pricing requirements:

Mass Marketers (Amazon and Ebay): If you sell online through these mass marketers or other sales sites, we require that you do not discount the retail price, only free shipping is allowed. You can sell for more than the set retail price but not under the retail price on Ebay or Amazon.

Websites:  If you sell online through your own website, we require that you limit your discount to no more than 10% of the retail price (including shipping discounts). You can sell for more than the set retail price but give no more than a 10% discount in your offerings. Discounts on shipping including "free shipping" are part of the 10% total price discount.

In store or at shows (trade shows): No price guidelines, you sell at the price you see fit. 


Why?  This guideline equals the sales field giving everybody equal sales opportunities.  We are not interested in discount dealers that sell high volume at low margins.

Pricing - International, all Dealers outside of the U.S.:

There are no guidelines set for international dealers as these dealers have to pay for extra freight as well as import duties and other expenses. International dealers sell at the price they see fit. 

Monopoly - Domestic USA Sellers only:

Amazon Fulfillment:  Any dealer that ships books to Amazon for their fulfillment will automatically be removed from our customer list. 

Why? Amazon’s preferential placement and treatment for those sellers violate our policy of fairness. Further most books shipped by Amazon are shipped without any packaging causing damage which results in customer dissatisfaction and attempted exchanges for us. 


Amazon Preferential Placement: Any dealer that pays Amazon or is granted/given special treatment for better / top / sole placement like the large one-click placement in basket (known as “buy box”) violates our fairness policy and will be removed from our customer list.  

Ebay Sponsored Items: Sponsoring and paying for this service is acceptable as it only duplicates the same listing in search results.  It gives more exposure but does not give an unfair advantage as all sellers can do the same.  

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