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FN Browning Pistols
Side Arms that Shaped World History

The "2013 Expanded Second Edition" is out of print and now considered outdated.
The 2022 Third Edition is now available!
Click here for details on the 3rd Edition 
 ! Fraud Alert !  Beware of sellers selling this title as an e-book or pdf !
We do not produce any digital versions of our books.  Those sellers operating from Russia and Germany are defrauding you and are breaking international copyright laws! 
FN Browning Pistols 2nd edition

Title: FN Browning Pistols, Side-arms that Shaped World History - Expanded Second Edition
Author: Anthony Vanderlinden 
Pages: 416
Cover: Color laminated hardbound cover
Size: 8.75" x 11.25" (22 x28 cm.)
Photographs: 1645 Color and B&W.
Printed and bound in the USA!
Price: $67.95
ISBN: 0-9707997-9-9
Production run: Limited to 2000 copies

This edition is out-of-print, sold out

FN Browning Pistols, Side-Arms that Shaped World History is the quintessential reference book on FN Browning pistols and  reflects the continued work of Anthony Vanderlinden on the topic.   This new edition includes information found in the original issue titled Belgian Browning Pistols while building on the first (2009) edition of FN Browning Pistols.  Specific elements aid collectors in identifying production periods, model variants and modern frauds.  The book explains many popular misconceptions on FN pistols. A complete content listing is provided below. 


Autographed by Author

Sold out

The "2013 Expanded Second Edition" is now sold out -

Click here for details on the 2022 - 3rd Edition


Additions and Specifics of the 2013 Second Edition

416 pages with 1645 color and B&W photographs
Expanded Biographies chapter
Expanded Production Processes and Procedures, especially engraving department
Expanded Sales Network and Variants of Agent and Dealer markings
Presentation pistols
Entire color chapter on factory and military instruction manuals
Entire color chapter on factory boxes and presentation cases
Entire color chapter on holsters
Color section on factory high-grade engraved pistols
Expanded Belgian military Model 1900 section
New chapter on Colt Model 1903 in Belgian service
Revised and expanded chapters on Russian and German use of Model 1900 pistol
Expanded contracts on FN Model 1903: Estonian, Salvadoran and Paraguay use
Expanded Model 1905 variants and development history
Expanded Model 1910 sections on Belgian use, Yugoslav police use and postwar contracts
Factory engraved Model 1922 pistols
Expanded Dutch, Greek, Danish contracts / variants of the Model 1922
Transition WaA613, WaA103, WaA140 Model 1922 pistols
Expanded E/N commercial section and post liberation section on Model 1922 pistols
Expanded Baby chapter
High Power shoulder-stock buyer’s identification guide: prewar, postliberation, postwar + copies
The Prewar Commercial High Power with fixed sights
Expanded section on Belgian military / Israeli military use of the High Power

Content of the 2013 Second Edition

The History of Fabrique Nationale
            1889-1896: A Heritage of Craftsmanship              
            1896-1914: Adversity Leads to Innovation                    
            The 1914 Gala Evening and Presentation Pistols 
            The Sarajevo Affair                                                 
            1914-1918: The Great War                                            
            1919-1929: From Recession to Recession                     
            World War II: The Belgian Situation                                   
            World War II: Outside of FN’s Gates                          
            World War II: Inside of FN’s Gates                         
            1944-1950: Leaping into Production                        
            1950-1960: Recovery through the Golden Sixties            
            1970-1980: Diversification in the Space Age                  
            Modern Times                                                                        

“Le Maitre” John Moses Browning                                              
A Genius in the Shadows: Dieudonne Saive
An FN icon: Alexandre Galopin
Auguste Benard and the art of FN
Fonson & Co.                           

Proofs and Markings         
            FN Manufacturing Markings                                              
            The Liege Proof House and Proof Markings                        
            World War II Occupation Markings                                  
            Acceptance Markings                                                  
            Foreign Proofs                                                                                                 

FN production Processes and Procedures                               
The John M. Browning Prototypes                                            
FN’s Sales Network
Presentation Pistols                                                                      

The FN Browning Model 1899

Color chapter on Instruction Manuals
Color chapter in factory boxes and presentation cases
Color chapter on Holsters
Color chapter on Engraved Pistols                                         

The FN Browning Model 1900                                        
            The Belgian Military FN 1900
            The Belgian Military Colt 1903                                  
            The Austrian-Hungarian Purchases                                                                    
            The FN 1900 in Imperial Russia                         
            German Police use of the Model 1900           
            The French and the FN Model 1900                            
            Police Pistols in Denmark, Norway and Finland

The FN Browning Model 1903                                         
            The Swedish Acceptance                                          
            Imperial Russian Purchases                                             
            Ottoman Empire and Turkish Contracts                     
            From Estonia to the Spanish Civil War                      
            Paraguayan and Salvadoran Contracts                     
            Service in the British Navy and German Police                

  The Husqvarna Model 1907                                                    

  The FN Browning Model 1905 (1906)                                      
            Imperial Russian General Staff Contracts                   
            Imperial German Pistols                                    
            Shanghai Municipal Police Pistols                            
            1940: Early German Occupation production                    

The FN Browning Model 1910                                         
            FN Browning 1910 in Belgian Service                        
            FN Browning 1910 in The Netherlands                  
            French & Syrian Police Orders
            Yugoslav City Police Use                      
            The Model 1910 in Australia                                             
            The Model 1910 in Finland                                  
            FN 1910 in World War II, Germany and Japan 
            Postwar Military Contracts                                           

The Modele 1910 Grand Browning                                              

The FN Browning Model 1922                                       
            The Many Yugoslav Orders                                    
            The Many Dutch Variations                                            
            The Mexican Contracts                                          
            The FN 1922 for Greece                                 
            The Turkish Contracts                                                      
            The French Orders                                               
            The Romanian Contract                                           
            The FN 1922 in Scandinavia: Denmark & Finland

World War II German Model 1922 Pistols                         
            WaA613 Accepted Pistols                                 
            WaA103 Accepted Pistols                                   
            WaA140 Accepted Pistols                               
            Eagle N Pistols                                                     
            Postwar Belgian Government Contracts                 
            Postwar German Contracts                                             

  The FN Baby Browning                                                          

The Grand Rendement (High Efficiency)                                

  The FN Browning Model 1935 GP (High Power)         
            Belgian Prewar Contracts                                           
            Lithuanian High Powers                                           
            Estonian Contracts                                                  
            The Paraguayan Order                                 
            Argentine Contracts                                               
            Chinese Orders                                         
            The High Power in Finland                                   
            Slotted Fixed-Sighted Pistols: The French GP          

World War II German High Power Pistols                       
            Captured and Seized Pistols                                   
            Pistols assembled prior to WaA613                         
            WaA613 Pistols                                             
            WaA103 Pistols                                                    
            WaA140 Pistols                                                     
            Eagle N Pistols                                                      
            Wartime Factory Reworks                                            
            Post Liberation Pistols                                      

            The Danish Orders                                               
            Belgian Contracts: Regent and Royal                      
            Colonial Sales: The Congo                                 
            The Netherlands adopts the High Power         
            The High Power in West Germany and Austria        
            The High Power in Israel
            The British L9A1                                                
            The alleged Oman Contract                                              
            U.S. Law Enforcement Imports: Howco        
            Mass Production, Developments of the High Power  

The 100-Series Pistols                                                              
The Browning Arms Company Pistols 


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