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FN Mauser Rifles
Arming Belgium and the World

FN Mauser Rifles, Arming Belgium and the World, book Anthony Vanderlinden

Title: FN Mauser Rifles - Arming Belgium and the World
Author: Anthony Vanderlinden 
Pages: 428
Cover: Color laminated hardbound cover
Size: 8.75" x 11.25" (22 x28 cm.)
Photographs: More than 1250 Color and B&W.
Printed and bound in the USA!
Price: $68.95
ISBN: 978-0-9981397-0-8
Production run: Limited to 2000 copies

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Thank you for your interest in FN Mauser Rifles, Arming Belgium and the World.  Like all our books, it is completely produced in the USA.  Order from us directly and receive an autographed copy!  


A few sample pages are posted below just to give an idea on how the book looks. Our web logo is only there to protect us from illegal use.  The content is listed below the photographs.


FN Mauser Rifles, Arming Belgium and the World

FN Mauser Rifles, Arming Belgium and the World, by Anthony Vanderlinden, is the only book devoted to the history, models, variations, contracts, and accessories of the Mauser rifles and carbines built by Fabrique Nationale and Belgian arsenals.  

The research for this book took more than seven years and includes the cooperation of FN, the Ars Mechanica Foundation, museums, and collectors.  Attention was spent on addressing common misconceptions and detailing factory production processes and historical happenings.  


This book covers the classic line of FN military Mauser rifles and carbines including contracts for the Model 1889, the Spanish Mauser (1893), Model 1922, Model 1924, Model 1930, and variants.  Belgian arsenal models like the Belgian Model 1935 and 89/36 are covered in detail. Training rifles such as the Model 1905 and postwar Model 1930 variants are also discussed among other single-shot sporting rifles.  The line of FN Deluxe and Supreme sporting rifles, especially variants imported into the United States, are also included.  Much attention was spent on documenting and illustrating FN and Belgian bayonets and explaining common misconceptions.


Chapters further cover the history of Fabrique Nationale, the Belgian arsenals, wartime production, and the surprising role of the Belgian riflemen with their Model 1889 Mauser rifles in the Great War. 

The book is illustrated with more than 1,250 color and black & white photographs; many of the period photographs have never been previously published.


Please scroll down (below photographs) to see a listing of the book content.


Autographed by Author


FN Mauser 1950 1930 ABL Belgium
Ethiopian FN Mauser Model 1930
fn mauser rifles arming belgium and the world
fn mauser rifles arming belgium and the world
FN 30-11 sniper rifle Anthony Vanderlinden
Greek FN Mauser 1930
FN Deluxe De Luxe sporting Mauser
Anthony Vanderlinden fn mauser rifles arming belgium and the world

Autographed by Author


FN Mauser Rifles, Arming Belgium and the World


  The History of Fabrique Nationale
    Liège: A Cottage Arms Industry                
    Kings and Opportunities: The Industrial Revolution    
    A Heritage of Craftsmanship                
    Trials and Adoption of the Belgian Mauser Model 1889    
    The Surviving Trials Rifles                
    Paul Mauser Patents                    
    The Inventors behind the Prototypes            
    7.65x53mm Rimmed or Rimless                
    1888-1889: A New Corporation for a New Rifle        
    Construction of the FN Factory and Early Production    
    1896-1914: Prosperity without Mauser Exports        
The Great War                    
    The Belgian Campaign in 1914                
    Liège: City of Fortresses                    
    Defending the Gete River                    
    The Battle of Haelen                    
    The Road to Antwerp                    
    The Forts of Namur                    
    Antwerp: The Fortified City                                    
    The Westward Retreat                    
    The Battle of the Yser                    
    Flooding the Polders                    
    A Stabilized Front and Trench Warfare            
    Belgian Soldiers and their Model 1889 Rifles in Russia    
    The Belgian Congo: Early Years through World War I    
    First Belgian Mausers in the Congo            
    The Force Publique and the War in Africa 


The History of Fabrique Nationale
    The 1914 Red Cross Hospital            
    From Hospital to Kraftwagen Werkstatt                                    
    1919-1929: Recovery from the Great War            
    From developing the Model 1924 to building Kragujevac      
    1929-1940: From Black Friday to World War II        
    World War II
    Liberation and V-1 Buzz Bombs                
    1944-1950: Leaping into Production            
    1950-1960: Recovery through the Golden Sixties        
    1970-1980: Diversification in the Space Age            
    Modern Times  


FN’s Sales Network                        
    World’s Fairs: FN Exhibits Worldwide            
    FN Agents                        
    Factory Presentation Gifts                
    La Casa de la America Latina                
    Fonson & Co.                        
    The Customer is King: Dictating Features & Accessories            


Historical Overview of Belgian Arsenals            
    Manufacture d’Armes de l’Etat in the 19th Century        
    The MAE and the Model 1889 Mauser                
    The Great War: Evacuation and Reestablishment        
    Early Mauser Repairs                    
    The Belgains Need Rifles: The Quest for Manufacturers    
    Belgian Refugees head for England            
    Belgian Society on the British Isle                
    Belgian Arsenals in Birmingham and Birtley        
    1918-1919: The End of War & Reestablishing the MAE    
    1920-1926: Small Overhauls                     
    1927-1940: Massive Overhauls and Preparations for War    
    1940-1944: The German Occupation            
    1944-1958: Post Liberation and Postwar era            


Proofs and Markings    
    FN Manufacturing Markings                
    The Liège Proof-House and Proof Markings        
    Belgian Military Inspectors & Foreign Inspection Service    
    Belgian Military Acceptance Markings            
    Belgian Military Regimental Markings            
    World War II Occupation Markings            
Sorting through Mass Confusion    
    Correct FN Model Designations                
    Identifying the Model 1922, 1924, and 1930            
    Identifying the Prewar Belgian Military Bayonets        


The Belgian Mauser Model 1889    
    FN Manufacture for the Belgian Army                
    The Model 1889 Rifle for the Civil Guard            
    The Model 1889 Rifle in the Belgian Congo        
    Les Tireurs d’Elite - The Sharp Shooters            
    Arsenal Manufacture: MAE                
    Birmingham Production: The Greener Debacle        
    Birmingham Production: Etat belge Arsenal        
    Sharpshooters during the Great War            
    The Hopkins and Allen Company                
    German Conversions of Captured Model 1889 Mausers    
    Arsenal Rework: The Addition of the Stacking Hook    
    Accessories: Cleaning Rod, Handle, and Chamber Guide    
    Accessories: Cleaning Tools & Pouch            
    Accessories: Muzzle Cap                    
    Accessories: Slings                    
    Accessories: Prewar Modèle 89 Bayonets            
    Accessories: Wartime Modèle 89 and 16 Bayonets        
    Accessories: The Trench Dagger for Patrouilleurs         
    Accessories: Ammunition Pouches            
    Accessories: Leather Action Cover                
    Accessories: Trench Apparatuses                
    Accessories: FN and Belgian Military Bicycles        
    The Model 1889 in Photographs                


The Model 1889 Carbines    
    Carabine Modèle 1889                    
    Carabine Modèle 1889 Allegée for Cavalry and Lancers    
    Carabine Modèle 1889 Allegée for Mounted Gendarmerie    
    Carabine Modèle 1889 for Cyclists of the Garde Civique    
    The Wartime Modèle 89/16


Le Mauser espagnol (Model 1893)                                        
    The Brazilian Modelo 1894                
    Evaluation Rifles for Peru                    
    The Spanish Ammunition Deal sells Rifles            
    The Mystery of the FN Rifles in Afghanistan        
    Uruguay, the Last Contract                


Rimfire Military Trainer & Sporting Rifles                    
    Carabine Scolaire                        
    Model 1912 Sporting Rifles                
    Post World War I and Model 1926 Rifles            


FN’s Prewar Sporting Mauser Rifle                


FN Model 1922 Mauser                                
    The Brazilian Carbine Contract                 


FN Model 1924 Mauser                                
    The Belgian Military Evaluation                
    Marketing the Model 1924 Worldwide            
    New Features - Finishes                    
    Accessories and Spare Parts                
    Design & Perceived Shortcomings of the Model 1924, 1930    
    Calibers for the Model 1924                
    Removing the Hand-huard of the Model 1924 and 1930    
    Contract for the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes    
    The Mexican contract and Development of the Carbine    
    The Persian Contract and CZ Competition            
    China: The Last FN Model 1924 Contracts             


The Prewar FN Model 1930 Mauser                        
    Accessories and Spare Parts                
    The Undocumented Contracts                
    China: The Model 1924 and Model 1930 Contracts        
    Armand Gavage                        
    The Allusive Contract for Paraguay            
    Arming Abyssinia (Ethiopia)                
    The Peruvian Modelo 1935                
    The Estonian Coastal Artillery Contract            
    The Lithuanian Contracts                    
    The Greek Contracts                    
    Venezuela: Pre- and Postwar Contracts            
    The Venezuelan Target Contracts                
    The 1940 Colombian Contract                


The Belgian Military Modèle 1935 & 89/36                        
    The Belgian Modèle 1935 made by MAE            
    The Belgian Modèle 1935 Sniper Rifle            
    The FN manufactured Modèle 1935 & Fusil de Cycliste    
    Captured Modèle 1935 rifles and German use in World War II    
    The Belgian Military Modèle 89/36 (Modèle 1936 or 36)    
    Anciens Etablissements Pieper Modèle 89/36 Rifles        
    The Modèle 89/36 in the Belgian Congo            
Wartime K98k Parts Production                    


The Postwar FN Model 1930 Mauser                        
    Prewar or Postwar Features                
    The Dutch Law Enforcement Carbine Contracts        
        Amsterdam Municipal Police            
        Municipal Police Corps                
    Dutch Colonial Contracts                
        Usage and Conversions to 7.62x51mm        
    The Congo Needs Arms                    
    The Belgian Military Modèle 1924 is a Model 1930!        
        Gray Arsenal Paint                
        The Energa Grenade and MECAR Launchers    
    Unmarked Postwar Model 1930 Carbines            
        Unmarked Carbines in 7.92x57mm caliber        
        Colombian Police Carbines in .30-06        
        Indonesian or Moroccan Police Carbines (7.62x51)    
    Carbines for Saudi Arabia                    


The FN K98 Mauser for Israel                            
    The 7.62mm Overhauls: 1955-1960                
    The Israeli K98k Sniper Rifle                
Postwar .22 Caliber Training Rifles                        
    The Belgian Congo Contract                
    The Belgian Government follows suit            
    The Israeli Variant                    
    FN Employee Rifles                    
Special Purpose Model 1930 Rifles                        
    Pressure Test Rifles                    
    Accuracy Test Rifles                    


The FN Sniper Rifle Model 30-11                        
    The Model 30-11 and the Belgian Group Diane        
        The Belgian Models 1975, 1978, and 1981        


The FN Deluxe & Supreme Mauser Rifles            


Addendum A:  The 7.65x53mm Caliber Differences        

Addendum B:  The Mauser Letters


Autographed by Author


Fabriqu Nationale Mauser Rifles and Carbines
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