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FN Chainless Acatene Bicycle from 1906

1906 FN Chainless acatene shaft driven bicycle

A rare 1906 Fabrique Nationale / FN Chainless bicycle aka Acatene, cardan or shaft driven bicycle. This early model is original with wooden rims and wooden mudguards. In 1908 FN introduced steel rims and by 1910 both rims and mud guards were made out of steel. This mostly original FN Chainless bicycle still has the water transfer decals on the wooden rims and mudguards. The headlight was made by Vitaphare and sold by FN as a factory original. These lights were either nickel or brass plated. The pedals on this bicycle were replaced during its long life, original FN pedals were made out of steel and were rather uncomfortable. FN bicycles usually have early wooden or later rubber replacements. This museum quality shaft driven FN bicycle was in a private collection for over 50 years and was acquired by a collector after World War II. The Chainless or shaft driven bicycles were more expensive than ordinary chain driven models, this and the limitation of introducing gears to the system brought on their demise. See more about FN bicycles by clicking the photo of the 1906 Chainless FN ...

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